Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i guess this is goodbye. =)

Ngeheeehe. I only started to feel a lil bit hard to leave when I was deleting those display pictures saved in my msn. Not the pictures cause they can be browsed from my hardisk. But the video display that not saved.

Hm.. Take it easy, take it easy. =)

Everything bout me in this laptop has been cleared. Anything that belongs to this company, has been saved in the thumb drive. and those pics of mine, ofcourse in my hardisk. oh, I left a pic in my msn messenger. To let the new management trainee know that I'm actually kinda hot. [WAHAHAHAHAHA, *puke*]

Okay anyway.. now feeling kinda.. hmm.. I don't have any hard feeling against anything but some people here. No conflicts but only kena few bombs and not to forget to throw back the bombs to Ursula; Sharon, a nice girl and first person I know in this company; Ainol, only get along with her after many weeks; Marcus, Yaw, Tee, Shelly, Amanda, Joey.. etc. My boss.. hm.. he doesn't talk much to me after I tendered the resignation letter. Yeeeee how realistic. HAHA.and some Bangladesh who're quite cute and funny. Buahaha.


Hm.. I guess this is goodbye.
Goodbye people!

Goodbye Gefung. Goodbye SBG. =)

p/s: good luck Emily, the new management trainee.


beuty said...
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Anonymous said...
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the new management trainee said...

hello! i know i know. i sound so scary stalking you, HAHA.

& yes, you are hot. :P
thanks for leaving your final msn picture for my viewing pleasure, hahahah.

ursula is indeed a pain in the ass. talked back at her the other day. lol. totally feel you.

anyways. saja wanna drop by to say hi. so HI! :P

shella said...
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shella said...

i just realized that i actually wrote this

"oh, I left a pic in my msn messenger. To let the new management trainee know that I'm actually kinda hot. [WAHAHAHAHAHA, *puke*]", after i read back.

Gah.. so embarrassing!!

Anyway, HI EMILY! =D
yea ursula is classic, we shud meet up, together with sharon, etc. :p

good luck ya!

hooi jinn said...

there see machi kena kantoi!

the new management trainee said...

hahahaha. consequences of blogging. =X

sure sure. let's meet up. so you can give me tips on countering those "pain in the ass". hehehe!

Anonymous said...

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