Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Thank you;
for coming out tonight.

Thank you;
for releasing our worries.

Thank you;
that you're still rational.

Thank you;
that you've never changed.

Thank you;
for still being our origin monitor and loved friend.

the best wishes are ready to be given from me to you since the beginning.
Thanks for everything, everything and everything.
I love you. and. We love you. =)
You never play a simple role in my life.
Your future is full of promises,
and this new journey has just begun.
Adventures, thrills, choices and excitement are waiting,
but you life is full of blessing.
May this day you share be filled with love and laughter,
and all the days ahead you'll be lived happily ever after.



ling0091 said...

both of u look great here. is it becoz of the lighting. lol.

Monitor said...

Shells, thank you for ur wishes....
And believe me i will never change....

Monitor said...

Sorry, typing mistake.. is SHELLA

hooi jinn said...

dey the spelling mistake damn potong mien monitor.

Ssk said...

Gratzzz!!^^ KH
Happily ever after..:)

shella said...

[leeling] aha what lighting?! memang cantik siot! hahaha

[monitor] =) congratz once again!

[jinn]if he nvr left another comment saying that 'typo', still not that potong, kan? haha

Jenning said...

i love you too ban zhang..muakz..