Saturday, October 31, 2009

The matter gets on my nerves since I woke up this morning. Never been so worried since the last time that I could hardly recall. I done some research, made a few phone calls. Ugh those phone calls made me feeling even more tention.
I called mom. Didn't tell her what's going on with me just letting her know that I'm not feeling well. I ask her not to worry, just small matter. I held back when I started my first line of conversation with her. I almost broke down. The worries, the anxious.. It's killing. I hung up the phone without talking further.
Cause I can't break down.
Gulping water as fast as I could, as too swallow the tears in the eyes.

I'll be alright.
Cause I'm loved and blessed.
I am.


ssk said...

U will be fine =)

-seklee- said... matter wat happen..i am always here..anything give me a call k:)

shella said...

i'm blessed. <3

seklee, yea no worries. i'm all good already. hehehe

Thanks to all people who concerned. appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

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