Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello hello!

HELLO! First post in year 2010.
Been resting for around 3 weeks before my training started. Everything is good so far. Still manage to cope with the classes. :)

Waking up early in the morning isn't that hard for me this time. Maybe it's only about training; maybe the tough or tiring classes have not approached to me yet.
Compare to last time, which is my first job, argh.. Almost every night I was thinking not to go for work for every next day, was planning when wanna take leave(and mc. hehe), any reason that can make me sleep til the sun shines on my ass.

Though I have to wake up earlier than before, it isn't THAT hard for me. Just hate make-up spending me most of the time. Otherwise I guess I just need 20 minutes of preparation to go for work. Teeheee...

I'm gonna be seating the first exam 2 weeks later. Ugh! I am still confused which topics are gonna be covered and which are not. No no, there are 6 papers for that one day exam. BLOODY 6 PAPERS!!! If 1 or 2 paper.. hehe different story. 6 wei... and I have no idea how's the exam gonna be. Panic. T.T

It'll be good if things are going as smooth as current. Smoother? nah, I'll appreciate and be thankful if things don't get worse. =)

Okie dokie. Gotta stop here. Ta!


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JL said...

Finally!! Been waiting for ur updated for such a long time.. haha .. Anyway, good luck gal .. All the best to u :)