Friday, August 15, 2008

Is music ur soul?

Yes to many i reckon.
Me? definitely.
We have many kind of preferences in music when we're at different places, with different mood.

My major preference is, no doubt, emo one. *laugh* I love instrumental as well. But ofcourse no emo songs in clubs. I'll kill the damn DJ i swear.

Whatever it is. I never thought I'll accept the bang bang songs as what my roommie, sue, tke..etc. etc. used to listen.

Sue once told me, she will turn her speaker to the max when she's stress, or emo. I never thought it'll work on me. *laugh widely* Until that day, I 'accidentally' listened to a bang bang song when I was driving. and I was quite moody that time. Felf annoyed by everything. And guess what, i felt so much more better when i turned on the speaker! I don't know if i'll do so when i'm stress, i think it'll make me getting more stress. but, who knows? look what happen now?

and tke, i really dun understand that fella, he plays the hard metal kinda music like so fcking damn loud using earphone. I could even hear the bloody music!!! No man, i can't accept this. My ears will burst into pieces.

Ha! Now I know why i love to throw things when i got angry. Ya lar when i'm fcking mad i'll throw everything in front of me, to create the noise so that i'll feel better.

But hey! i got a new way! Let's say if u're mad, but u cant realease, and deep in the heart there comes the words fuck u(fuck nobody, just a kind of emotion), and u cant throw things cause it's not yours, and u have cubemates around, u know.. ah then listen to My Chemical Romance!

It's like u found an umbrella in the rainy day.
(blogspot sucks i cant even upload a pic now!)
It's like u got ur branded shades under the hot sun.
(blogspot sucks i cant even upload a pic now!)
It's like u found cash in ur pocket and needless to use credit card. woop!
(blogspot sucks i cant even upload a pic now!)

Nah.. whatever it is...

Currently listening to: My Chemical Romance.