Monday, August 18, 2008

Ladies! It's time to work out!

Remember Taiwan once most hitto TV show- Queen aka 女人我最大?

You do always get disappointed when all those recommended products(by Nu Er牛尔) which you can die for are not selling in M'sia, don't you?

Get ready ladies! Now, you can get the products in M'sia!!!
It's in the purples-shop!!!!!

Here's the list of products it has. As you can see there's not only skin care.

Make up makes you look pretty but it's just temporary. To have a really beauiful and natural make up look firstly you have to have fine, good skin.

Do you know the Red Wine products of this Nu Er are very highly recommended and even the Beauty Queen Da S also recommended few times in the TV shows of Taiwan.

You can find them in purples-shop as well. And ofcourse, I'm getting these 2.

30ml, RM52.00 (promotion @ RM42.00)

120ml, RM35.00

There are too many else to be listed here. I'm interest in these as well.
36g, RM56.00

玻尿酸- Its main factor is to moisture your skin. It helps to keep your skin hydrated. And it is is recognized as the best moisturizing ingredients.

30ml, 5 pieces promotion @ RM50. RM11 for a piece.

Collagen(膠原蛋白)- As we grow older, the collagen in our body will get lesser and thus leading us to have dry and wrinkled skin. As we're still young, but if still lack of collagen in our skin then we will have pores which can easily be seen. Collagen promotes skin cell metabolism and highly hydrates our skin.

22 pieces, RM48.90
And we always hear of Q10 but have no idea with what it is. For skin care, Q10 actually plays the role to pervent problem of ageing of our skin, and helps improve our skin problems.

It's very convenient for you who's loving beauty and skincare.

Most importantly the price isn't costly!

Have a nice day people! And stay young and pretty!

p/s: Feel free to mail me or drop down comment if you need my help to get you the products.


.:: S.U.E ::. said...

shella i'm sue. where is the shop?

epin said...

OMG i want all....i want it...arhhh so feel like want to say"pong pong pong"

shella said...

[sue]i've replied at ur chat box. and for ur information again, this is just a online shop =)

[epin]soh poh! haha yea reali want it? yea la nowadays ppl different d, somemore go for make up class...weeee~~~~

Esther Leow said...

wow, i think i really need to learn more about beauty n skin care from u, my fren! hope to see more beauty tips post from u after this. keke.