Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you name it.

Few weeks back, I was attending some courses. Compulsory ones. Then I left the office at 12 something. Heeeeeeeeeee....
Cyn, JL and I, went to Food Loft.. err.. Food Loft right? No idea lar, it's some kind like Marche's concept. But, not worth it at all! Food okay okay only. Not awesome at all. Duh... But the environment was nice.


Starbucks after lunch. Mostly on Friday since I have 2 hrs+ break. Aww I miss Winter Warmer so much!

Me n JL saw rainbow on the other day while on the way to PG. BIG rainbow. You'll never know how nice your day is after seeing rainbow. =)

This rainbow was on my left.

And the other part was at the front right corner.
Jimmy: "i slap u. then i laugh. and u laugh." what's with that statement???

me: haha no lar.. being perverted or something i dono.. its like "hehe.. i conquer u!!!"


Jinn: U slap who?


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