Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[*I'm ur lil' pwincess*]

"Tomorrow will be a better day".
Good phrase but not to me.

if i got upset,
i'll cry.
if i cried,
my eyes n nose will badly swell.
if my eyes and nose got swollen,
i'll have to wash my face.
if i wanna wash my face,
i'll have to tie my hair.
if i tied my hair before sleep,
i'll have bad hair day on the next morning.

These will make me have lack of sleep and make me not pretty.
Therefore i'll still feel upset on the next day.

So, keep me happie~!! =)

p/s: well i feel okay this morning. weee~


epin said...

i "tai pa tai pa u arhh" haizzzzzzz. kek dao!!!!

shella said...

eepin u make me laugh till fly up la!!!

Anonymous said...

lets put a smile on ur face girl :)