Wednesday, July 23, 2008

eppie eppie burfday!!! II

Tammy~ I'm waiting for the other set of pics from u lar dear!
But it's alright I'll just upload a 'few' pics first, since I'm pretty free right now.

So, my 21st birthday, was a happy ones. We celebrated it @ Sunset Bar- Batu Ferringhi. Me seriously appreciate those who came to mua bday!

Thanks a lot babes and sorry if not really layan you guys okay~?

Before I got to the beach, I had dinner with my family. Thanks mommy for the key of freedom and si-kor(4th aunt)for the angpau! weeeeee~

*Arrival of Moi*

A really wide
*Arrival of Tammy babe*

*And her cute bf*

Eric n' Cyn

Horng n' Thien

And moi's BESTIES! JL(who planned most of the pratee)&CYN!!!

wOops.. Shell's bday cake from Ritz.

CYBER PEEPS!!!! Da FIRST surprise!

Shell's colleagues

moi's sweet babes

cyn was like my nanny during that night.




The 2nd BIG surprise from babieee~!!! how sweet of him...


[~*US in the frame*~]

I was forced to camwhore! with the pressie given by Eric and Cyn~

me and ssk acting dumb. Who looks dumber ey??

My teeth look so teruk in this pic and i have to sensored it! And me decided to put braces. This time is real ones!

Alright, so far i've done with the beach session.
Ray and i headed to BAGAN for our dinner on the next day.
Awesome pawsome that's what I can say =)

Oysters Shoot(bloody mary)

I lurvee this sooo much!!! Almond pumpkin soup! Yummylicious!!

Moi's main course the Rack of Lamb. Small portion but it's tasty!
Ray's some kind of Salmon

Our dessert, some cheesie homemade ice cream.
The atmosphere was so great and Ray went around to take pics. lol


Ehhm, done with the Bagan pics.
And I would like to thank to all my friends who wished me. Thanks JL and Cyn for running the party. Thanks Tammy for getting the pressies, thanks vernhan and Mei for coming all the way down from KL. Thanks to eric for getting the cake. HAHA. Thanks Zuyi and Summer for coming which I reali appreciate much to see Summer even though it's just for a while. Thanks to Jinnoi, TKE, Sue, Abel, Alex and Beng for the surprises! Thanks my colleagues Mel, FH, Yhui&Bf and Tshin. Thanks to my all-time-hang-out-bud, Jimmy, sashiki, hooi, elfy, chean, horng and thien. So, do I missed out someone else?

And lastly, THANKS TO BABIEE!!! Thanks for everything u've done for me. U've made me heart-melting. muackss!!

For those who weren't there, thanks for the messages.=) And Mr. mahaha/lulubao sent me a voice msg with himself siging birthday song to me.

Thanks everyone for the pressies!! Thanks to my big bro for the crystal balls earings, angpau and for the most precious card, thanks 2nd bro&gf for the wrislet.

Pressies pics will be uploaded.



Anonymous said...

wow. u look very pretty in the pics u taken in Bagan :)

the with flash one very pretty
without flash ones also

who take the pics one har ??? ;)

刘昱品-lauyupin said...

lol~~i thought u din get my voice message tim..haha~~!

shella said...

[xp]got la ofcourse.. so 'yau sam seee'...