Wednesday, July 23, 2008

eppie eppie burfday!!!!!

I havent got all the pics yet.
But here comes the BOMB ones first.




Then after Jinnoi sees this, kek till her nens go smaller a bit. =D


*Sue said...

aiyoh sheellaa!! u kek jinn's nen nen u dun hav to expand mine rite? hahaha..

shella said...

ey no, sue, listen,
u see ah, the original wan ah, see the CONTRA?? walao me see liao also shake head lar..
so, i have to expand urs to make it balance maa!!
look how hot u are now!

jinn said...

u twoo..!!!

*Sue said...

hahahahaa.. chillex lar shella. m orite ler. juz wanna make noise onli. hehe.. but i tink jinn is on fire!! XD

Anonymous said...

u threee!!!