Monday, August 04, 2008

[当我老了] [when I'm old]

When I'm old and no longer the one I was, please understand me, please have patience to me.

When I splash the soup on my clothes, when I've forgotten how to tie my shoes, please think about how I taught you last time.

When I keep repeating the words that you already tired of hearing, please be patient and should not interrupt. When you were little, I had to repeat the same old story over a hundred of times, to bring you to the dreamland.

When I need you to help me bathe, please don't blame me. Remember how I coaxed you to shower last time?

When I'm lost at facing the new technologies, please don't laugh at me. Think about how I patiently answered every of your 'WHY'.

When my legs are fatigue and unable to walk, please reach out your strong arms. Just like how I reached you when you're learning how to walk.

When I suddenly lost out from our conversation, please give me some time to recall. In fact the topic isn't important, as long as you are willing to listen.

When I'm getting older, please don't feel sad. Understand me, and support me, like you have just started learning how to face life as I have you.

I've guided you at the beginning of the path of life, so, now please accompany me to reach my final path. Give me your love and patience, I'll give the grateful smile in return. And this smile contains my boundless love to you...

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ssk said...

touching.. :'(

小白 said...

我也被感动到了..谢谢分享!! :)