Sunday, June 08, 2008


Guess this title might be interesting huh?

Yeap babes! I have a tattoo!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


It's SUN!

This one a bit too bright. Photographer not pro enough. hahaha
It's erm... a fairy or whatever-you-think sitting on the moon.

Snap of mine going to Catherine's wedding.

And... my new stock. =)

-End of post-

... Ok lar.. No need to doubt on that, those are fake tattoo la.
Yea, ray drew it. And I had karma that night cause, i tried to rub my eyes, then... you guys know what happened.



刘昱品-lauyupin said...

si lala mui a~~!!!

mandy said...

haha my god why didnt u took picture of ur eyes after u rubbed the ink on it? hahahahaha HOTNESS