Friday, May 30, 2008

Last paper eve.

I'll be seating for my last paper in Gamma tomorrow.
Everytime the most look-forward thing for us during the exam period is the last day of the finals. By that time we'll plan which bombastic place we'll go for, etc. As usual, those 'tradition' wont be excluded but the feelings are way different.


The above was written before the last paper of Gamma.

The farewell night was unexpectedly happening. You guys enjoyed too, ey? =)


Our Mr. Mahaha

Lovey Dovey Birds~

And later Tasha and Gasper joined us. =)

Stand at the point of a lady, SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!!!

-Oh.. It's all about cups!

Celebrating Ray and Leeling's advanced bday!

Us the classmates, housemates, block-mates. Block-mates, wtf??! Too bad monitor wasn't there that night... MONITOR!!!!~~~

Ookieee~ done with the pics.. too many to be uploaded...

And guys, do buzz me when you guys are in penang, OKAY???!

Take care peeps, love you guys lots...


Anonymous said...

P/S: we should be together too ;)

Anonymous said...

shut up la jimmy... hahaha


yupin87 said...

how u know that 1 is jimmy??

Anonymous said...

cause wheh he was dropping this comment, i was beside him.


Ian said...

Actually, I felt a bit disappointed for not joining you all... haiz.... cz there is something more important..... Bt I will join you all after back from practical training.... =)