Monday, June 16, 2008


The very first day of working, in ma whole life. Nervous and i was late this morning. SUAY.
i had to register myself in the other section which i had never been on 7:45 in the morning.

tic-toc-tic-toc... 7:59am, me just crossed the bridge.
Goodness. I arrived Intel at 8:10am, looking for the section for like 10 min plus... Holy moly... So many new hires!!! And, I'm the only Intern for this period. HAHAHA!

Okay, after things settled, my 'buddy'(in another way means the one who takes care of new hires lar) brought me to my cubic. Not bad, not bad, the table kinda big cause there's nothing on top besides a telephone. I took picture of it, with my bottle and a name card on top so that it wont look that sad. But I cant upload it now.
Then i waited, played games, waited. And i got my desktop! yay~~ with my name there yo!

Lunch time at Queensbay, thai restaurant. FOC regarding to the 'buddy lunch'. =)
Then back to the office. Me damn sleepy till feel like smash my head on the table and let it bleed. Nasai... I BORED TILL GIVE DOG BITE AH!!!!

Yer, very boring lar, dun feel like writing anymore. Chaoz!

34ki: so what you doing there? pao(bancuh) kopi?

****: Nope, wiping my boss' lampa(balls).


Cynthia said...

Hey..good luck ya...dun wiping your boss lampa dee...maybe dick is more fun=P

shella said...

u very dirty ahhh!!!!!

Twinkle Bell said...

eng eng cheng cheng huh!!

shella said...

haha... yea right, eng2 cheng2 everyday sleep at 10... kns

sashiki said...

wah sai... so fast he show u his LP d..notbad huh..
wipe it kao kao.. then u will become Mrs intel d..haha

shell said...

i took first 3 hours then managed to sit on his LAP.
then took 3 min, managed to help me wipe LP.

shell said...

managed to help him* wipe LP

Ian said...

Hahhaha.... Shella sleep at 10??? Like me la..... Hahha... But that is good... You will learn more.... If ppl bully you, then just tell them my name... Then settled.... Hahhaha...... Take care ya.... All the best..... Miss ya...