Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emo attacks.

It has been a while I never had this kind of feeling. And I almost forgot about how it really feels. What is actually on my mind that leads me feel that way? I have no idea. I stopped my fingers on the keyboard, then turned away from others.
It's all about the song. Emo song.

p/s: who want that song. ask from me ok! I already sent to my co-workers! haha.
(wuu.. im not that emo tho...)

update: I lost myJL's earphone in the office. Yes, INTEL'S OFFICE. Siao wan lor! What's wrong with the stupid thief? What is he or maybe she gonna do with the earphone? Tell me! Okay.. maybe someone hates me. Kanineh liddat also no need stole my earphone maaa, peh ah??!!! Siao wan! Go report to the security also paiseh, ppl lost wallet, valuable stuffs, me? EARPHONE. Omg it's jst an earphone. BUT WHY??????

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