Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thoughts in me.

Starring at my laptop, wrote something, backspace-ed; wrote few lines again, backspace-ed.
This isn't the first time I'm doing the same thing.

I haven't done any single blog since the new sem reopen.
First day(now I'm in Cyber about 1 week++) arrived at Cyberia, met housemates, looking at them greeting each other. Well me too but not as warm as what people doing.

'If there's an event that everyone has to vote the most unwelcomed housemate, I might get the highest vote.'

I talked to me.
But I guess I've improved. MAYBE.

There're still few things in my mind but erm.. I have no idea what should come in first...

Like that day, I tend to blog but then I clicked on the outlook express or sumthing like that lar.. It's an email and the reciever is me myself.
Then I wrote something there, quite a long page but when I was about to send, an error occured. Fuck it... everything gone! GONE!
I forgot what I've written and just let it be...

I will write down everything if I'm facing the same condition next time.

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