Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All about $$$

Finally I went to cut my hair.
Alright, first I thought I would spend only RM42 for it.
End up I spent RM130. MAMA!!!!!!
I tried to persuade myself not to spend more than that but... arrghh!!!
Ngek ngek, if this unwilling spent can be claimed... RAY!!! HAHAHA!!

Haiya, actually I also kena lottery lar.. Didn't you realize? My wishlist there....(Hey it works!)
Twice somemore... Hehe... But just small amount la and I gave it to my mum...

Hm.. But now I got no money to buy Beauness d...
Ish.. I shouldn't be that greedy.. Lottery where got always kena wan..
Wait for another luck ba!

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