Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back to Blogger.

Yes I'm back.
First I would like to talk some about that bloody fucker, the hacker.
Well, I'm pretty sure that 'he' is someone we know, hw is someone around us.
'He' knew,
-I was from PM 05
-Subba, my friend who doesn't shift to MMU Cyber.
-I used to be with Putri during PM 05 period.
-Choon Hoong bf's name, but spell wrongly.
-Raymond instead of Ray

If 'he' knows A, then he might dunno B...
But now 'he' knew A, B, maybe even C!

I curse you kao kao fucker!
I seriously curse that your life will be deduct 10 years, and if you're going to the hell after ten and a half year later, from now on you will only have half year life. So... Use my previous account by using your only half year life bah bastard!

Okay, according to my wishlist, I added a new one. Hhee... Yea, I wanna put braces. Ray asked me to think properly cause it will be fucking painful and maybe I will think that's ugly.
Well, I've been thinking of these u-guys-think-that-is-a-problem's problems. I knew it will be very painful, but I can stop chewing for daysss, and maybe I'll lost weight! Muahaha... And duno why, I love to see ppl with braces laugh, don't you think that's very cheerful? HAHA...
But it's a bit expensive la, for my current condition. Sienzz!
When only I can kena lottery ah??!!

I feel like buying skinny jeans for myself. But, DONT LAUGH LA! I know my legs will look like 2 carrots when I put skinny jeans on it. I thought I don't have fate with skinny jeans for the rest of my life.. But then I realized I can match it with heels. Muahaha... So, I bought one from Simone's shop. It's not skinny jeans, looks like ok.. I cant put a typical skinny jeans on me yet.Hehe...
I'm gonna get a new pair of heels, then I might look like this:

OK! My legs wont look that LONG. I know that. =.=

Cyn and people are going to Glo tonight. I'm still thinking. Cause maybe tomorrow we'll have a slumber party at Simone's house. Wuwuwuwu... Slumber party woh... Ngak Ngak! So, I'm just going for tonight's party or tomorrow's. Either. Although I wish to go for 2. If I reject Cyn, she will kill me. Not that nicely killing though. And if I reject Simone, I'm not going to die nicely too. If I go for 2 parties, continuosly, Alex will be the one killing me KAO KAO.

Bangles, Nov 1st huh.. X-tract or Pure Bar?? That day I recieved 2 from you ler. But I'm afraid I can't make it ler.. Cause I'm not going back that early worr... Sorry sikit ler sista... See la, see whether we got time anot during tri2, if can we go to Mlc lar.. OK?

Oh yea.. Simone will have new stocks for her shop and about 50++ bags are coming.. But.. NOT NOW. November. NOVEMBER!!! AHH!! I think that time I'm in KL d lar since my new sem reopen on the 6th... Kek Tiok!!

Can I go back on 5th ah? Hehe... But,

I miss my dear...

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