Friday, November 17, 2006

The Oppisite Sex of Ladies:

I discovered this through friendster and it's kinda funny, haha...

* A young man goes into a pharmacy andsays tothe pharmacist,

"Hello,could you give me a condom. I'm going to mygirlfriend's house for dinnerand I think I may be in with achance!"

Thepharmacist gives him the condomand as the young man is going out,
hereturns andsays,

"Give me anothercondom because my girlfriend's sisteris very cutetoo.
She always crossesher legs in a provocative manner whenshe seesme and I think I might strikeit lucky there too."

The pharmacistgives him asecond condom and as the boyis leaving, he turns back andsays,

"Go on, giveme one more condom becausemy girlfriend's mum is still prettycute and whenshe sees me she alwaysmakes eyes, and since she invited mefor dinner, Ithink she is expecting meto make a move!

** During dinner, the young man issitting with hisgirlfriend on his left,
the sister on his right and the mumfacing him.
When the dad gets there, theboy lowers his head and startspraying,

"DearLord, bless this dinner andThank you for all you give us."

Aminute later theboy is still praying;

"Thank you Lord for your kindness."

Ten minutesgo by and the boy is stillpraying, keeping his head down.
Theothers look ateach other surprised andhis girlfriend is even more surprisedthan theothers. She gets close to theboy and says in his ear,

"I didn'tknow you were soreligious."

The boyreplies,

"I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist!"
End of story...
Do you guys enjoy?
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