Saturday, July 29, 2006


HaoSiangKoo... Do you understand wat does it mean?

Seriously I have no idea why my mood swings badly nowadays. It's like tons of stones stucking in my heart, feeling hard to breath...
Perhaps both person have different problems to bother and worry about. I wish to share his problems but too bad, guess I would never give any help eventhough I wish to lend a hand.
I think the trial is coming towards me. Well it's just a tiny trial and just depend on both of us how to manage and adapt it as well.
Sometimes I try to control my own to avoid the arguement. I'm so tired of quarreling about those not-worth-it-to-argue stuffs but sometimes I know I do lost my temper and raise my voice... I don't meant it.. Sorry... :((
Accounting, the subject which I'm totally left out is bothering me cause I'll be sitting this paper on Monday. And I still havent got the reply from my msth lec even I've sent him 2 mails. Damn it!

.: it means Feel like Crying :....

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Anonymous said...

all i can say is
i luv u
i miss u so much
everything is not a big deal for me
as long as i luv u
cant imagine me without u.