Sunday, July 30, 2006

the kepo-ness...

Funny funny people again. Refering to JL's blog, I found that some of her classmates are really busy budy and super childish. Hey ppl, pls get rid off your kepo-ness!!
It's like, NON of your business whether people watching porn or not, right? Why are you people out there so curious whether s10 watch porn together or not? What if never? You might think that I'm lying huh? What if yes? You might laugh until your ass out and spread it to everyone is it? On a whole, U just want me to say YES but pity you, you will NEVER get my answer.
And you're such a dumbo, s10 ain't intercourse lecturer nor lesbian! Yea right, waiting for you to teach us, is that you wanna hear?
If U read this, then good; if you're not here, guess 'your-friend' will tell u.
Stop acting busy body and just mind your own business! Farker!

Specially warned by


Anonymous said...

girl , take it easy k ^^
dun spend ur anger on pointless view of ppl. it'll jz hurt urself for annoying ppl like them. keep in healthy mode ya ^^
luv ya always.

Jl said...

Haha..Ray is right, dont bother la, we are not in the same class with them, what for care so much of this bullshit thing ? they are jz a fucking ppl .. lol

cynthia said...

ya...right..we are not in the same class. why should we care about those unmature creature?? They are just rubbish in ther mind or else they won't be so busy busy. Cheer!! Thanks to them. I get an idea to watch porn together next about try this out??^.~

shella said...

yea right!
ya la.. watch porn together...
what about Pasin Hilton's??

jl said...

wahaha..Pasin Hilton's or paris hilton ? whatever la, jz ignore or that la..farkar..there something goes wrong with them..siao ~

Anonymous said...

lol i suggest GAY PORN ^^!!
-from ray-