Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yell for help!

I was nothing to do and wanted to blogging this afternoon. No PC so I decided to save what's in my mind in da hp.. ngek ngek...
" I'm bored, real bored! wtf x4561 times!
JL is kinda bz with her family stuffs recently; Cyn is in Pg and I', that lazy to cross 'oversea' due to da stupid traffic jam; Tamm is not around else we could have place to hang out; Jimy and guys..still early..; Ray is still in da competition. So.. I'm super extremely f*cking bored!!!
Standing at the edge of DEATH.. It's like nothing much different with the days when I was in Mlc- When I was nothing to do, when Jinn was not around. No external speaker but mp3. The same feeling revolving and.. wtf. Whatever.. I'm hungry..."

Lolz... So happy cause my baby won the competition. It'll proceed to the semi final then Final.. wohoo.. Smart ass.. haha... Gtg cause he's around... ngek ngek..


Jl said...

hey, sorry ya for not accompany u when u r back. Things go better now and I've what I'm suppost to. Will hang out with you often ya

Anonymous said...

haha...haven't heard of someone this bored for a very long time. A little piece of advise. You must be happy with yourself 1st if you want others to make you happy. philosophy.

Hu Yen

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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