Friday, June 02, 2006

U're not in my shoes!

I'm so pissed at him. He never thought of come into my shoes and feel me. Never! I won't repeat the same thing and now I'm just speechless.
He would never understand how I tried to budget myself. Alright, no matter I saved the money for my own sake or what. Isn't that also called 'saving'?? At least I saving to achieve what I want! At least I'm no longer asking from my parent to get what I want! Does he know that actually I'm always in my parent's shoes? Ok, I admit that sometimes I might overspent but that was all my saving!
I rushed to my room and didn't even wanna tell mum what was going on. I hate he said that I wasn't understanding when I am! I locked myself in that messy room, took up my very 1st mp3 which from my baby and played the piano. Don't ask me what song I was playing cause I've no idea with that also! I know mum was trying to say something good about him such as the robbery case. Wtf.. my heart was like melting when I heard that. Argh.. but I just don't wanna listen to those thing at that moment. I'm just.. fine! Leave me alone!
I don't wanna talk to him; I don't wanna meet him.
I'm just don't like U to use that kind of tone to punish me cause I don't think I did anything wrong in this affair.

Between, I wasn't that happy for the past few days. Tons of things in my mind which I wanted to spit it out when I wished someone could hear me. Nah.. just my blog can hear.. hehe.. Hm.. What words can say? ::heartache with suicide::
Anyway, it settled when I was about home. :))


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