Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pure Night~ -.-

Hm, I just had a meal today. Well, it's just because I slept for more than 12 hours and by the time I woke up, DINNER TIME~!
I freaked my roommate out of her ass once again. This time was crying instead of laughing -.-
Haha.. I just dreamt of something about crocodile, then tamm.. Something like the crocodile swallowed my friend but in the end I don't know how I was quarreling with her cause she killed the crocodile?! What de fuck?! I know I cried like mad in da dream and I realized I really dropped my tears.. Haha.. Jinn terkejut sial~
Guess we're going to Pure later on. Hng.. I HAVE TO GO if not then I have to go to swim ALONE when staying at Cyber. -.-


Think of Seklee's ang ku koay.. wait wait! Not her ang ku koay, is that ang ku koay thingy that she mentioned. Hahahaha! Last night was kinda fun. Laughed and joked around in da car, and also sang from mlc raya to bkt beruang. Sang those song that seriously made k/heng shivering, ha ha!

Hm.. Do you have ang ku koay?


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