Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm still alive**

Finally done my Acc paper and please don't ask me 'how was it'. Muahaha.. I'm still alive!!
YaY..x unlimited times!
During the exam period I think I wasn't being that nice to people but somehow I never lost control. Thanks for the tention-nesss and L.O.S. then.
Oh ya huh, I still haven't sit for my Moral. Seems like it's invisible for me, for him, for her, for them, for all the dudes who are taking Moral & Ethics. Muahaha!!!
SekLee ah... how to upload the pictures using ur hp ah? Ppl over there, pity you guys if I can't upload the pic which I captured 15 min ago.. blueksss~ haha

I'm suppose to start my revision due to prevent the tired-ness, right?


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