Thursday, May 04, 2006

::May 4th 2006::

I was told that they weren't that fine as we thought. I guess they were sweet but then after the phone talk with Tamm, sigh.. Perhaps something's wrong out there.
Used to expect the unexpected but when it(the 'unexpected') really comes, it's darn fucking hard to get rid of it.

Besides, I heard that Alex got robbed yesterday, well I mean Tuesday. That was really shocked! How could this happen to him? It happened right on the day before he wanted to travel to New Zealand. So? The trip canceled. 10 flight ticket, NZ dolar and his Rolex- ALL GONE! The 3 fucking Indian!! I don't give a damn but this 3 fella...!! Fucked up!!
I dare not to mention anything but right here, what I can do is only pray to God that please take good care of my brother. Bless you...

Oh yea, my plan did work! Muahahaha~~
Dear, now u know why I acted a lil bit weird those days... :)
Lastly, eh hmm...
Well, maybe u guys discussed when will that day come and assuming the date so this may not be that surprise, right? Lolz.. but still I have something to say... :)

*To be informed that currently Aphrodite is not single since May 4th 2006*

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