Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yeah! Finally we've done the business project and also the final presentation. Undeniable, Kong's group (PM 06) really done well. We did our slides yesterday night but luckily it wasn't that bad. *pleased*

*the worst insult in life is to have an ugly person comment on your looks*
Got this line when I glanced through xiaxue's blog. It's owesome.
I'm tired, again. My classmate found that I've dark circle beneath my eyes.. wtf x132 times! But no way out cause I bought the ******~
Later I have to see my Acadamy Advisor for what stupid assesment and then have to done my PCA homework which has to pass up by tomorrow. Hm.. I think I'll just ask someone to submit it for me.

For the final trimester:
  • PCA homework
  • Statistic assignment
  • PCA web page
  • REVISION!!!!

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