Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Because I'm a Girl...

Time passes fast without my notice. The moment that being with him was really happy and joyful.
I did not know what could I do or say when you were so down. You felt pain but I wasn't feel good at the same time. Still I had to listen to you cause I knew U need me to stay by your side. You need me to listen to you... Too bad, I was in pain and still had to fake a smile...
That was so real and you couldn't even wanna deny it cause feeling won't tell lies. You said you didn't wanna love her anymore but it doesn't mean that U don't love her anymore. I just wonder that what can I do to cheer you up.
While the heart was aching, I had to stay strong and waited for you to finish it. I'm so proud of myself. I found the right way to love someone. I don't care that much as long as he feels comfortable.
'Cause I love you.

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Anonymous said...


moments i spent wif u... i was the happiest person in da world n its undeniable. u gave me the surprising n really touching moments tht i cant forget n u knw i wont!

u knw i turned my like into luv for u n at the same time u turned urs.

i cried, i cried for wat she did but not for her ! i cried for the moment when i found she is actually jz afraid of losing me but not luving me....

i admit tht the feelings was very very strong but u got it wrongly n its not like how u think.its the feeling of anger and hate, she can feel it...

baby, u're proud of urself so am I! thnk u for staying by my side when i need u but at the same time hurting u. thnk u for luving me wif true heart n made me pain in d ass for wat i expressed.

I expressed something i dunwan to express n i knew i'll hurt u baby by tht but i still said it loud, cried out loud coz i luv u n i knw u luv me too!

so please girl
please baby,
bring me back my loving with sucide.
i need her!

there is nothing more to say,

from tht moment i've chosen u, she is gone. i jz need u to thrust me once n for all.......

i luv u. wif all my heart


your dear.