Saturday, May 13, 2006

These days aren't mine...

Alright.. Am I that busy until I don't have the time to blogging? Perhaps. Too bad, I was on the phone till fucking late, then woke up late instead of running my responsibilities- *STUDY*

Tons of things in my mind which I really need to say.
First of all I'm gonna talk about that bastard, again. Well I don't mean to say that he is a 'bastard' anymore but he really is. He deserves it. I wonder why he could do that to me. I don't give a damn but that was seriously fucking spoilt my kindness! This fella really KK!

My bf, me and my ex-bf;

himself, his gf and his best friend;

his best friend, his best friend's gf and his ex-gf.

What can I say?

*Once In A Blue Moon*

Yes. I love my dear.

... Okay, I'm just woke up.. I don't know what's wrong with blogspot yesterday I just know it was fucked up. So I continue what's in mind. I was so tension yesterday cause dad told me that he would be coming back this Sunday. I just only meet my dad once a year and this time is really unexpected. Nevertheless, Mother's Day is on Saturday. Seriously I was so confused. The time is so wrong cause I have final after that; the condition is so bad cause I'm not yet well prepared.

Honestly I decided that I'm going back but just I feel guilt to say. It's like I never have responsibility on my studies. I feel guilty when I think about how am I gonna manage my schedule. Ofcourse I have my own plan in my mind but I'm just afraid that it doesn't work. Maybe this time if I go back other ppl may think that I'm just playing fool or finding some lousy excuse such as missing the father and going back.. =.= Whatever! I don't have that much of time to explain and I DON"T need to explain. That's it.

Why these days aren't mine? Not only tention and stressed on my studies and the matters above. Also, I ate a lot of things that contain high cholesterol, cabohydrate and fat... I'm dead!! My dark circles which beneath my eyes are fucking deep; my face(the skin) is fucking dry and it's fading away. wtf?!

Gotta stop here cause 'lil don' is coming. Rushing to the bathroom....

P/s: KK stand for keongkan. (forgive me on the vulgar and my rudeness.)

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