Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm sorry...

I promised that I wouldn't cry anymore. But then.. I was to bored. Could u feel that?
It's fucking boring here! I'm alone in my room for the whole bloody afternoon!!!
The tears came out from my eyes while I was listening to the song. No! Not because of that guy. Seriously not because of him. But I just.. Crying...
I felt so sorry to him. When I got his msg I didn'tknow what to respond. 'Cause I felt like I did something wrong. I replied him at the second msg even though I still didn't know what to say.

"Dear sayang u, come..."

That feeling was so strong. It touched me, it made me cried once another time. How I wish I could reach him...

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Anonymous said...


when u bored how i wish i could light up ur mood and make u laugh
when u cry how i wish i could stay by ur side n make u smile
when u say sorry to me how i wish i could tell u tht ur sorry did not made me forgive u but made me luv u n miss u more than u can imagine..