Saturday, April 22, 2006

Loving with Suicide.

After got hurt and I learnt how to love a person. Eventhough I'm still afraid that I'll lose my pride again, I still go ahead. Many things are words can't say and I just wish that I've taken the right way to love him.
I never thought that I would fall in love that soon 'cause I didn't feel like want to. However, he calms me down, makes me feel like loving him and also makes me afraid of losing him.

This is for you.


Anonymous said...

hey u bloody hell..din tell me ur good news huh..I'm so glad to hear from u this good news:) haha...Finally u can walk out yourself. This is definately good for you my dear. Just go ahead...dun think too much dee... U may get it well... But TOUCH WOOD if u dun...just leave it lah..u learn it last time right??
Good luck ya fren...u can make it well i know it. ^^

shella said...

I wonder who left this comment here. But if it was cyn, I think I'll feel darn excited n happy. It's been a long time i din hear from her and nvr really hv a chance to talk with her..
but if that wasn't cyn.. hehe.. thanks also ya my friend =)