Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bored... =.=

Nothing much to do in this afternoon. Life has changed. Eventhough it looks dull, I know I'm not lonely. At least I don't feel so.
I think I'm insane. Ha ha! I can smile when I think of him. Ha ha... Sounds so silly right? What to do? He is always in my mind nowadays. Can't get rid of that and I don't want to.
Things in mind recently:

  1. How to concentrate on my studies.
  2. Purchasing a new hp.
  3. Money saving.
  4. How to lose weight.
  5. The X-Lover.
  6. When can I get back to Bw.
  7. What is he doing.
  8. What is he thinking.
  9. What's in his mind.
  10. Everything single little thing about him. He he...

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