Sunday, April 02, 2006

I was changed..

She felt that I was different. I didn't really notice that actually. Perhaps I was changed.
I started to scheme. I started to plan something in purpose to achieve my own satisfaction.
No one will like the changes. No one... (Ask yourself) But, it seems like a must to have some changes when one reaches certain period.
I thought our story was completely end? But I didn't know why, I had heartache yesterday night. Holy f*ck, my heartache because of that bastard again??!
I thought it was childish when I told them what I wanted to do just now. Ewen supported me on my decision. Tammy, the one whom I unexpected that she would agree with my thought.

How I wish that I could let you know I hate you.
How I wish that I could tell you I really do hate you.

Just Feel Better -Steven Tyler-

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