Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just... Whatever~

That was the first time we met since the relationtion ends.
Since the last break up, many things are totally different with the past few times.
The feeling wasn't that strong anymore. But I still couldn't act like there are nothing happen between us cause there were. I released but it doesn't mean that I relieve.

It was expected that he liked her. That moment when he admitted that he liked her, I truly knew that wasn't my business anymore.(Ofcourse I did feel a a lil bit.. but that was't a big deal if had that kind of weird feeling right?!)
Then I text my roommate telling her how I felt. She felt glad to hear that. =)

"Even though, still feel like crying..."

One asked me to take the last cry and another one asked me to be tough... wtf?! Lolz... Anyway, I jst got Tamm's msg when my tears almost dry..
(Ha ha... Holy f*ck, that time Jimmy's car was playing those stupid love songs, "ai wo hai shi ta"-David Tao, "dao dai"-Jolin, etc.)
Maybe I'm not that focus on him anymore... I still have other things to do.. Still have other companion.. So.. Gee.. not a big problem anymore!

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u knw who m i ^^ said...

dun worry b happy thts all i can say . (: