Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Limited Edition.

The journey to Seremban was fun. Ewen's dad was nice and the seafood was really really delicious!
I thought I wouldn't spend on extra expenses there. Ended up, I did manicure which cost me 35 bucks and a skirt which cost me almost 200 bucks. Just because of that "limited edition". The weight is size 28. It's loose. But...
THAT WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!... hehe.. so... I bought it... Kind of stupid right? But feel worth it cause it's limited edition.
Attention to sales girls n sales man, please don't ever mention the word "Limited Edition" in front of me anymore. It kills me.

(...About 2 hours ++ later...)
How come human can be that selfish sometimes? I wonder. Is it a few months classmates doesn't worth anything? Maybe they're Miss M. What de fuck... Forget about it!
Oh yea.. Sheldon sent me a poem which is really touching. Actually that was for me and Jinn. Thanks yea balz.. As I said, I really appreciate it. =)

There are two angels whom I know,
Both so glorious they seem to glow.
When they smile you don't need the sun,
And that's not all, these girls are fun!
One is sweet and thinks of nothing but others,
The second is strong and has many colors.
My love and frienship for them grows every day,
My closest friends forever I pray.
I miss my angels when we are apart,
They fill an emptiness that is in my heart.Shella
I'll miss you when you are away,
You'll always be my angel tomorrow and today.
Jinn, you are perfect, perfect as can be,
The stars only shine, when u're around!
My love for you both won't fade,
This you'll always and forever see.

*~ friendship forever~*

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