Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday morning...

It's saturday morning at I woke up earlier than usual. Guess what, I'm at Eepin's house. I can feel the difference staying in the 'hostel' and house. The following one is much better.
Oh ya, Boy n Sek Lee really funny la. Their reaction almost the same and the way they talking really funny. Ha ha.. What a funny funny couple...

Yesterday night we went to Portuguese Village, the jetty there. Jetty? haha... It was just a long woody bridge with some holes.. But it was a nice place.
The 1st time I went there was on the National day. Nah.. that's a bad memory. The houses there were nice with the decoration during Christmas.
We were sitting on the bridge, listeing to the song and staring at the sky. There were lotsa stars yesteday. As in really a lot man! And it was really beautiful. It brightened the sky, just like a couple of gal & boy lighten up each other.. How nice..
Genting, I was starring at the stars. Suddenly I couldn't see anything but the dark clouds. I was so anxious and kept waiting for the stars to appear. It took pretty long time.
I used to be a shining stars but after something happened, I was hidden behind the clouds.
I was waiting and waiting but I didn't get the chance to see that until I went back to Malacca. U know how disappointed was I that time?
Yesterday.. Ha.. I could see the stars! And it was 10 times nicer than last time. The clouds didn't block my view. Lolz... Cause I had friends beside me...
Maybe sometimes I'll be left but I knew that isn't a purpose.

Things that I've to do during weekend:
1. Finish my statistic assignment.
(Also as a practice cz the test is on the coming Thursday.. Aiks...)

...After weekend...
2. Moral & Ethics Revision
(Since I promised myself, I have to be prepared instead of doing tht de day before)
3. English

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