Friday, March 24, 2006

When is my turn?

I would be fine after a moment for the past few times we broke up. This time is different. Totally different. I can't deny that I hate him cause I do.
Do you know that my life fade away because of you? Because of you! G!
I realized that I'm totally disappointed at this love affair. I don't take any single word seriously of a guy in the confession. Perhaps I don't like him. Whatsoever, my current excuse is because I don't believe in true love anymore. True love? Am I desire that? I have no right to ask for that.
When I was down, when I wanted to cry I tried to think of him. I tried to think about our past. It worked. But now, no matter how hard I tried I failed. It increased the hatred instead of making me cry.
There was once I cried. Because of anger, because of grudge, because of hatred that buried deeply in my heart.

Cyn, I'm glad that U've recovered.
-Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened-
Remember this phrase. I cry not because of it is over, I cry because of it happened. I cry because I can't see the future. When can I take this phrase? Not now.

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