Monday, April 17, 2006

Days Without Blogger...

So many things that I wanted to express during the days at JB. Although it passed, still I hafta done my "homeworks"~

Arrived at JB and spent whole night long with my little cousin. As usual, I was on the phone with him. He was sick and I could just do nothing and just wished that I could stay by his side. zZzz....

I woke up late and it was rainning heavily out there. I went sauna alone since my cousin didn't wanna accompany me. I didn't get his msg for the whole day.. erm.. well, half day. Wondering whether he was fine. Aiks.. Miss this fella. Couldn't imagine my life without him... *sigh*

The phone talk on the previous night wasn't that happening. I thought of thousand reasons and waited for him..
-No Respond-
I thought there were some reasonable excuses and that night was really hard to sleep. It's not that I didn't wanna think positively. When I thought that he had his own reason; when I tried to be understanding. I can conclude that heartache doesn't feel good. :(((
Anyway, it settled. =)

Things didn't go well. I got Alex's phone call early in de morning. Guess what, I got barred for my Moral & Ethics. Yea! Obviously I got screwed! Intend to go back this weekend and give someone a surprise. But now, I don't think I can make it. So, no surprise... *sigh* x1500 times.
I just wanna say that sometime I do can manage my own stuffs. I truly know what am I doing. If I knew how bad the consequences, I wouldn't do that.
Between, I had phone talk with my liked one till the dawn. It was a nice and sweet one.
~~::天堂:: + ::童话::~~

I'm worried about the barring thingy but at the same time I was told that maybe that's just a warning. Hopefully then.
Argh!! I wanna go back! There's a new idea flew into my mind. Ngek.. ngek...

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