Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's almost 5 in the morning and I suppose to be in my bed at this time, after on the phone with him.
I can't wait till the next day cause I'm afraid that I might forget what I wanna express here.
Sometimes I don't really have the gut to tell him the truth. I'm so afraid that my feeling will not be appreciated. Hm.. but usually end up I'll let him know what's actually in my mind. Ha ha...

'Dear', I wish that I've the right and the gut to call U that.
I wish that I could reach u when I need U and when U need me too.
I wish that I could share your interest so that we can talk non-stopping all the time.
and.. I wish that I'm right and no regret for publishing these to you...

What I wanted to tell you was...
I miss you too.. and..

He he... =blush=

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