Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Fuck!

What am I suppose to do? I was so lost when I found that I left my hp in the library. How come I could be that careless. It's a hp, my hp!!
I knocked at my housemate's door but no one was there. I tried to contact Syafiq and my num but I couldn't get it. I think I really lost it, forever.. :'((((
Fiq said he saw 2 chinese were kinda nervous when they saw someone entered that area. But they didn't even suspect them. Just right after they realized, the girls were not there anymore. F*cking biatch! If let me found out that who took my hp and not willing to return to me, I might kick their ass out! Bloody shit! Arrghh!!!!!
Daddy didn't screw me. Though he allowed me to buy another wan(wait, he said simply buy a cheap one to replace, but.. can don't want ar??) but I still miss my hp. I love my hp. I still haven't upload some other pic to my pc.. My visual memories with Tammy and friends, and also.. his picture..!!
My heart is screaming, yelling and bleeding!! No one could feel that.. :((((
I am sad, really upset...
Day without hp is pretty enough to kill me. What if Dayssss without hp???!!

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