Thursday, March 09, 2006

To the Ladies... :)

Shy sent me something which was in her mind today. Hey dude, I totally agree with you.

Since when I started have prejudice towards guy? Without my notice I guess. Sometimes I'm just try to think every of them is the same and perhaps I wish to find someone who is a bit different with what I thought. Things in my mind never gone so smooth. It is totally what I thought. Guys are born to be like that. Hm.. Maybe this is just my partial opinion but this is what I've gone through.
Maybe it's a bit over to say that they deserved the name 'fucking bitch'.. erm.. well is suppose to be 'fucking bastard'; but usually most of them wouldn't reject things which don't really belongs to them or things which are not harmful. Are girls like that? I wonder.
Why sometimes people try to deny things that they've done? I think they don't meant to do so. Then why they did that? So called Desperado...

Thanks Tammy for sending me this msg. It's meaningful.
Attention please, Ladies...

女人不必太美, 只要有人深爱;
女人不必太富, 只要过得幸福;
女人不必太强, 只要活得尊贵。

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