Thursday, March 09, 2006

The best companion...

I was at the class party with them yesterday. At first I felt so seperated from the people. They were not my classmate. They were not the gang that I used to hang out with. So.. It made me feel uncomfortable. But after that everything was fine. Sherine is a stylish girl.
Sheldon and I were talking about our dogs when hung out at mamak. I can see his eyes were wet when talked about Rex. I damn terasa when talk about dog's stuff. I miss my dogs too.. They are my best companion ever! All of them. No matter those who had past away or lost. No matter they still alive or not.. I do miss them always...
Just after the phone with +0. Dont worry la duh! Things that I don't care or not interested in would never tease my curiousity. Chill la macha~!
Hm.. I thought I had lotsa thing to post up.. But very tired now. Tonight still hafta go to Syafiq's house for the drama thingy.


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