Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I got nothing much to say. Fine! Fine! Fine!! Could you feel the unsatisfaction???
That kind of feeling was deep inside my mind and I never thought to take it seriously. But now it exposed! I can't take it anymore!!! Wtf?!
Things turned me off since the early in the morning. Things tunred me off after the first class. Things turned me off during the first discussion of the day!
First, I wasn't that content with what they were doing. Fine, I kept silent. I tried to take it easy; I thought I would be fine. I thought I didn't wanna care that much. I thought sometimes it's good for not getting attention. ...!! Alright! I am NOT fine with all of that! I am NOT okay with the arrangement!
What do you want me to do then?? You cut my part then what am I suppose to do? I don't want to care that much. You guys settle everything yourself. Don't ever order me anymore! I might fuck your ass out of da world!!
The *pPkesss* of the day:
1st Off- Early in the morning, maybe she wasn't in the mood. I don't know. I just feel like *pPkess* when I talked to her.
Level: llllllllll

2nd Off- I thought of waiting for her and she said 'goodbye' to me when she had done.
Level: llllllllll

3rd Off- I'm pissed. Super duper Extremely PISSED with the arrangement of my selfish classmate.
Level: llllllllll

I'm not trying to get attention but sometimes, could them please pay attention on me? Sometimes I feel like I'm just nothing. Such a shame! Blady shit...

About the drama. Fine then. You guys just think properly about the arrangement. Those Mr. & Mrs. "M".. really ******.
I'll accept if you insist.

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