Monday, March 06, 2006

My decisions...

What am I suppose to do? Where am I suppose to go? I'm totally confused! As in really really really CONFUSED!!!
I want to go Cyber but at the same time I am afraid. I'm afraid of the environment there. How I wish that I can hear someone talks something good about Cyber. Yes, my brother is the one. Some of them said Cyber has a very good environment for studying. As you can imagine, what does it mean by 'a good environment for studying'? Means it's a boring place. But at least I can study there right? I'm glad that it's a good place to study but.. Many of them said it's very inconvenience there. You should have a car else you can't survive.
No way. Im not gonna tell my brother that I need a car. That's a lame excuse. Ewen is not going to Cyber. He went there and he said it's nothing there. The campus is wide enough but it's really inconvenience if you're staying off-campus.
Alex wants me to stay in the hostel for the 1st year. But.. I DON'T WANNA USE PUBLIC TOILET TO SHOWER!!! It's like public toilet isn't it?? And I thought of giving him some excuses after few months in de hostel and try to stay off-campus.
Besides that, how about the expenses? Obviously it's higher right? Much higher! Malacca is a peaceful place and yet we can enjoy the life here too.
Malacca, very convenience.
  • There's a few shops though sometimes kinda sick with the food.
  • There's clinic no matter in or out campus.
  • There's gift shop even though I never been there.
  • There's optical shop.
  • There has hair saloon and it's cheap.

Oh, there's a new apartment- Ixora. More shops are opening soon and I think it would be more and more convenience. Most of them are moving in I guess. I got Adeline's msg that day asking me whethere wanna join her in Ixora and I can get the master bedroom. I rejected her. Anyway, electricity bill and water bill are excluded.

After listening to Ewen, I gave Alex a call. I just wanted to ask him what should I do since Im that helpless. I knew, he wants me to go Cyber at the very 1st time. He just screwed me by using that kind of tone again.

Okie, not to listen to my friends. Decision is in my palm. I want a better future or want a comfy place that make myself go better for now? That's what I have to pay. There's something you have to work out in order to get another better one. Fine! U want me to stay there. I can't even say 'NO' cause he was using that kind of tone. Expenses, you said it's the same and just depends on how I manage myself. What de heck? Doesn't make sense at all. I have to eat, I have to survive too. I need entertainment too. If really need to manage everything seriously, how's my life for the next 3 years? Serious shit!

Finally, I made my decision.

  • 1st choice- Business Admin(Finance in Multimedia)
  • 2nd choice- Business Admin (Human Resource)
  • 3rd choice- Business Admin (Management in Multinedia)

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