Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That's all I can do...

That's all. Everything is done. That's all I can do.
As a friend, I've played my role; I've done my part. Before that I felt guilty cause I thought I should give some support to my friends no matter people or me agree with what they trying to do or not. After that night, I really really wish to join them, no matter is for fun or for their sake but I just unable to do so. I can't afford that.
I don't know how to tell him or even face him. I don't dare to imagine his response. I'm afraid I'll be the bad person in their conversation. I just don't want that to happen.
So, I made up my mind, I chose to let them stay important in my heart. I chose to play my role nicely. I used to play this kind of role. So I think, everything will be okay after that. I think I'm fine with that 25 bucks now.. Hehe... Friend.. =) At least I'm not that guilty now. At least I dare to see my sistA's face now.

Emotion swings horribly today.

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