Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sun Bath~!!

It was a tired day but we had fun at Batu Ferringhi AGAIN!! Lolz.. With Simone, Sashiki and Nicole. The Batik, the bikini, the kite and KFC... Hm.. It was fun. Let me think... I think that was the first time I really bath in the sea. Seriously, the few times I went with my friends but we never really get into the sea. And I can say that, it was really really fun there!
I was wondering that why my friends refused my kindness when I asked them to the beach.. Hm!! you guys should go lar!
Oh yea.. When Simone and I were sitting there, erm.. applying sun block I think.. I heard 3 fella were stading there and thinking of wanna ask us somehting. Lolz! They thought we were Japanese.. Lolz!! They wanted to survey something about tourism in Penang I guess.. First they were like,

'Are you Japanese?'
'Erm.. Korean?'
(They looked confused..)
'We're from Penang, anything we can help?'
Lolz.. They were like jatuh ter-pelantiang.. HA HA!!
But I think that was Simone who made people misunderstanding. Well, look at me. WHICH part of mine makes me look like a JAPANESE? That's a joke man!
Once there were just some of them thought I was mixed with Malay but...
...I wasn't a MALAY nor mixed.

I think I might get dark after a long exposed under the sun. :s Yikes.....
Anyway, I will join for the next time! Muahahhaa!!!

I called Jenny just now, to ensure her that I'm going to see her tomorrow morning. Early in the morning~!
I have to buy 2 products which cost me RM284 excluded my Beauness which is going to finish and the facial fees. Arghhh!! There's once I came back from Malacca, I spent RM300++ the next day at Jenny's place. What de heck...?!
I think I'm not going to do facial tomorrow but just take the products from her. If I sum up, I think I need to take about RM500 along. Serious shit! I don't have that much, OK?!!
I'm still confuse about my financial thingy. Got a lot of things need to settle! -Rush Hour-

Things that I have to do:
1. Manage my money.
2. Facial. (Facial?? No $$ ler...)
2. Go to May Bank to apply a new account.
3. Reserve ticket which is from Bw to Malacca. (ofcourse la duh!)
4. Make up my mind about my Degree Major course.
5. Attach to my family... :)

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