Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm rOck!

Fuyor... Never thought that I'll go to the graveyard with a gang of friends in the middle of the night. It was just like what in the movie- a gang of friends go to the graveyard cause of curiousity and end up bring lotsa trouble.. blah blah blah... Touch wood! We are safe! :)

The reasons why I'm rock:
1. I drove manual car in Malacca town and CHoong was the only passenger. I went all the way to The Friends and Xtract by my own.
2. I went into a gloomy historical buiding at St. Paul Hill. It was somewhere uopn the Dutch Graveyard. It was cool cause the name of the died was carved on the rocky wall. These was a well. A really big well and it was freakin' scarey if you went in alone.
3. I went to Bukit Cina. Four of us(Kc, Sheldon, Boy and I) had the gut to go up the hill while Kh. Lex, SekLee and Ch were waiting down there. Fulamak.. We took about 1 hour to finish walking the hill. How large it is...
4. I slept at almost 6 in the morning and end up I woke up at 10. That's the time my class just finished.

Got Tamm's call when I was still in my dreamland. She is coming to Malacca! Yeah yeah!!! Ha ha ha! Finally there's a friend visit me in Malacca. Ha ha ha!! Yeap! I am happy! :)
Aiks.. but Boy is going back at 4:30 *sigh*

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