Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Walking Corpse...

Tuesday. Finally I got here and updating my blog. Thanks to Tammy for being accompanied me during last weekend. Hopefully she enjoyed the time with my friends.
Things doesn't go smooth. I realized Malacca is a good place to study. Not to say it's prefect or very well but at least now I feel sad when I think of I'm shifting to Cyber. I was requiring to get a new CPU but failed and I was told that mum wasn't in a well condition(financial) these days. I was shocked cause she admitted that yesterday.

My hatred against him gained. That day Tamm was on the phone with Chean. He never knew that I was listening to their conversation using another ear-phone.

"But sometimes you can't blame him. Remember last time how deep She'd hurt him? Remember Darren? Remember Yb?"

I tried to defense for myself by using the lousiest excuse. I knew things weren't what I tried to say. I was just finding excuse for myself.
Why? 'Cause I hate him.
If it was the past few times I might feel guilty for hurting him that deep and I might feel that was karma. I believe that but not now. I'm gonna persuade myself that there's no such things.
I had grudge towards what Chean claimed instead of feeling guilty.

Do you know how much I Loved you and how deep I Hate you?

Midterm is coming to town. Well, this Friday. I haven't started my revision and the worst part is I didn't even pay attention during class time.

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Sheldon said...

things will get better somehow...only time will solve it..just be patient...god is listening =)