Thursday, March 02, 2006

A false 'slept'....

Guess what? I didn't go to class after the earliest class of the day at 8 in the morning. The next class was at 12pm but I fell asleep and end up, I missed 2 classes. Holy shit! Feel so bad!


I'm going back tomorrow at 2. After finish english class at 1, then I'm going back! Muahahaha... Oops... Sheldon suggested that we can go central at 12 and lepak there... Then? Yea right, means I've to skip the class again.. But.. I don't really feel like skipping the class. If I know I might not going to class tomorrow I should go back tonight!! Or even this afternoon!! What the fuck..?

According to the stargazer, Cancer- me, shouldn't take serious in love at the moment. I should swing my fluffy tail and then I would get the passion. Is that true? Wuahh... Ha ha.. My fluffy tail huh... Can't swing la.. But I think I can swing my fluffy hair if you want me to. Ha ha..
Hair... Should I change my hair style? I wonder.

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