Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shella has something to say!!!

Things that I super discontented with:

1. I lost my underwear!
What's on earth? I lost my underwear. Who the hell ter-take my underwear lar??!! It's one of my favorites you know!! White Triumph-sloggi. I tried to search every single corner in my room and the living room.
But too bad!!! It wasn't there!!! :((((

I'm thinking if is that biatch took away my underwear... I.. I.. ARrrghh!!! I don't want! I can't imagine if she wears that! F***!!!! I've out of idea until I sticked a note at my balcony there. It sounds weird right? Yes, it is. But I'm totally out of wit and you wouldn't know how anxious I am!
If I still can't find it, most probably I'll buy another exactly the same one I guess. Hopefully if I really do I won't regret on that. Ya, cause I used to be like that. What should I do then??!!

2. Shishedo's face cotton.
It's a lousy brand! I used it before and it really sucks. The cotton was like rough-wooly-piece rubbed over my face. That day I bought it from Sasa cause I thought it has changed the package and it really feel good when you touch the cover. Yea! Just the cover! It really sucks!!

Today, March 1st 2006 is not my day.

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